Benefits of Disability Insurance

What would happen if your paychecks suddenly stopped because you were too sick or injured to work? What if you couldn't work for months or years?

You would still have to pay all your monthly bills,
this can add up quickly.

You can't rely on other income sources like Social Security to protect you. In most cases, they don't apply -- or are not enough. But you can plan ahead to help protect your lifestyle.

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Disability Income Insurance benefits you in many ways

• Provides monthly income to help maintain your standard of living

• Can be customized to fit your particular situation

•Helps you retain independence and dignity without burdening others

• Helps keep your financial dreams and goals for the future intact

Essentially everyone who needs their current income to maintain their lifestyle should seriously consider disability insurance. Only through disability insurance can you make up those lost wages for the rest of your life!

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