The financial consequences of death can be devastating. Nothing can replace a spouse, a parent, child, brother, or sister. But, the practical and financial consequences of death are another matter. Without life insurance, surviving dependents can suffer extreme financial hardship as a result of an individual's death. There exists the possible loss of future income as well as a number of sudden expenses that occur as a result of death.

Life Insurance As The Solution
If people could predict the future, most would rush out and purchase as much life insurance as they could obtain. Life insurance can provide the money a family needs for continued security when it needs it the most. That's the most important job of life insurance. It provides a new source of cash and income so a surviving family can continue to live in comfort after the death of its primary income earner.


We've talked about the death benefits of life insurance - the benefits the beneficiaries will receive when the insured dies. But life insurance can also provide benefits for the policy owner or insured while he or she is living. An example of a living benefit would be the cash value or retirement savings in certain life insurance policies.

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