Life Insurance Riders

To help you understand life insurance, we have provided a brief, general description of some commonly available types of life insurance riders. Availablity of riders may vary from policy to policy. Always consult your agent for the exact terms of your coverage.


Accelerated Death Benefit Disability Income
Accidental Death Benefit Guaranteed Insurability
Accidental Death Level Term
Waiver Of Premium


Accelerated Death Benefit

Many companies offer an Accelerated Death Benefit Rider for life insurance policies. This rider may allow insureds who are diagnosed as terminally ill, or who require long-term care, or permanent confinement in a nursing home, to collect all or part of the death benefit from the policy on their life while they are still alive. The rider specifies exactly how much of the death benefit may be available.

Accidental Death Benefit Rider

An Accidental Death Benefit Rider may be added to a life insurance policy to provide for an additional amount to be paid to the beneficiary should the insured die as the result of an accident. This amount is usually the same as the death benefit of the policy and is, therefore, often referred to as double indemnity. The Accidental Death Benefit can be paid only when the insured dies as the result of an accident.

Accidental Death and Dismemberment Rider

An Accidental Death Benefit Rider to a life insurance policy may also include an additional benefit for Dismemberment. In that case, it's called an Accidental Death and Dismemberment (AD&D) Rider. The AD&D Rider usually provides that the accidental death benefit will also be paid if the insured loses sight in both eyes or suffers the loss of any two limbs.

Disability Income Rider

The policy owner can secure a regular monthly income from the insurance company should he or she become totally and permanently disabled with a Disability Income Rider. Usually covering policy owners who are also the insured, the Disability Income Rider guarantees a specified level of income for either as long as the disability lasts or a time frame specified in the rider.

Guaranteed Insurability Rider

The Guaranteed Insurability Rider allows the policy owner to purchase additional coverage at certain stated intervals (either age or policy year options) without requiring further evidence of insurability. This coverage could be very significant when an insured has become uninsurable sometime after the initial policy was issued and would be otherwise unable to obtain additional coverage.

Level Term Rider

A Level Term Rider provides a fixed amount of term insurance that is added to a permanent life policy for a specified period of time. Generally, a level term rider is written for an amount that may be up to three or even five times the death benefit of the permanent policy to which it is attached.

Waiver Of Premium Rider

One of the most common riders attached to a life insurance policy provides for Waiver of Premium. Prompt premium payment is the major responsibility of the policy owner. Since premium payment is generally necessary to keep the policy in force, it follows logically that even if the policy owner becomes disabled, the premiums must still be paid or the policy will lapse.

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